Welcome to the first online 2020 STEM Academy Scotland

Welcome to this innovative University and Industry led programme to bring together STEM subject academics, industry, student teachers and school pupils.

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Questionnaires can be completed up to the 31st of July 2021. Without the responses, the STEM Academy Scotland will not be able to continue.

The 2020 Online STEM Academy provides a fabulous variety of ‘hands on’ workshops and activities working with experts and experiencing the real and exciting world of STEM. It would be very helpful if participants could please provide feedback about the STEM Academy using questionnaires and reflection sheets. This feedback is very important to us and will help us plan future STEM Academies.

STEM Academy Scotland isn't just for this year. Next year there will be a new activities, brought by a new website, with significant support from Portsmouth and Sheffield.

Pre-STEM Academy Questionnaires can be completed BEFORE taking part in any workshops. These are available from the 1st June - 31st May 2021.

The pre event questionnaires are for:

  • Student Teachers

  • Senior Pupils

  • Activity Providers

  • Probationer or Qualified Teachers

  • Junior pupils through Parents/Carers of pupils under the age of 16

Post-STEM Academy Questionnaires, for the same groups, are available from the 15th June - 31st May 2021 and can be completed after taking part in 5 or more workshops.

Reflection sheets can be completed after each workshop. This information can be used for participant STEM Engagement, STEM Learning and STEM Communication Certificates.

Thank you to all participants for your time, enjoy a fabulous STEM Academy experience and we look forward to hearing from you. We will use the responses to measure impact of this programme of vertical integration of expertise and partnership working on attitudes to science and STEM across pupils, teachers, activity providers and communities.

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