Workshops Summary

All activities may be done in school or at home with adult supervision

Robotics - Heriot Watt University

Experience an introduction to robotics and coding, undertake the challenge and explore the variety of applications of robotics.

Astrobiology - Glasgow University; Chemistry student

Learn about how to detect life on distant planets, how to identify future planets for humans to inhabit and what affects the chances of survival. Who survives in space?

BioCity Bingo - BioCity UK Life Science Research and Innovation

Find out about the amazing research and innovation in Life Sciences in the UK through this activity. BioCity UK and BioCity Scotland are Life Science hubs within the UK. Explore the exciting world of Life Sciences and the opportunities they may offer.

Biodiversity Counts - Edinburgh Napier University

There is a huge range of biodiversity on this planet. Find out how scientists try to measure this diversity and give it a go yourself!

COP26 - Royal Society of Chemistry

Gain an insight into Climate Change and ways in which it can be tackled. Hands on activities and resources provided through the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Denford Engineering - Denford /Edinburgh Napier University

Enter the world of F1 racing with Denford products, featured in STEM & Engineering laboratories worldwide. The company provide CAD/CAM software and lead the F1 in Schools racing car challenge and Subs in Schools programme. The Race is ON!

DNA and Life on Mars - Biologist

Discover how genetics affects survival on new planets. Have fun and create your own space creatures.

AI, Engineering and Communication - School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

A unique opportunity to participate in exciting activities which introduce cutting edge communication and research and explore the world of AI.

Extreme Environments & Survival - Glasgow University; School of Chemistry

This workshop involves big game hunting! You will also experience how to survive in the harshest climates.

Forensics: ‘Souper’ Sleuthing at Uncle Gregor’s Factory - Glasgow University; School of Chemistry

Solve the mystery during this hands on practical workshop.

Paper Proteins and... Puffer Fish! - STEM Scotland Ltd

Explore the building blocks of life, create their amazing structures using origami, and find out about the links to toxins and anaesthetics. Questions/comments? Why don't you get in touch at

Hannah & the Astronauts - Glasgow University; School of Engineering

Intergalactic travel in spaceships to colonise different planets. How do the Astronauts survive?

HYPED -Edinburgh University; HYPED Team

Experience the fastest journey on earth - the HYPED Hyperloop and the future of travel. Can you win the challenge?

Ignite! The City on Mars & Lab 13 - Ignite!

Find out about the mysteries of the Lab 13 programme and its cookbook. Please consider making a donation to Ignite! for the cookbook.

Take part in building the first City on Mars using current innovation and expertise.

IT4U - Edinburgh Napier University

Discover ways of controlling computers using eye tracking, computer animation and hacking and more in this exciting workshop.

Marine Engineering Challenge - SS Explorer Marine Engineering

Investigate marine engineering through simple and more complex activities. Take part in the challenge and experience a journey to the ocean floor.

Molecule Hunt - MOD Chemist and Science@cwaben

Can you find the molecules in the village? Be the first and win the prize!

Edinburgh Napier University Student Experiences & Careers - Edinburgh Napier University

Find out about student life at Edinburgh Napier University, the expertise, opportunities, research, careers and support that are available and future partnerships that can be developed with the University.

STEM Academy and School Experience Follow Up Projects - Plockton High School, Highland Greenhill Primary & All Saints, Glasgow

Gain an insight into how pupils developed an activity and led a Monster Molecule Hunt and genetics activities in local primaries and measured impact. A fabulous opportunity to see this in action!

Experience the Senior pupil led STEM programme and how this can be implemented across schools. Find out how a Primary School implemented STEM Academy activities.

Royal Academy of Engineering Training and Activities - Glasgow University; School of Chemistry

Participate in the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) Connecting STEM Teachers programme. Take part in free RAE training and receive free kits for Engineering in the Movies (create special effects), Engineering a Greener Planet (build a 3D printer and solar powered ship), Code and Rescue (use your resource set to run a rescue mission using sonar, save lives using a winch, send messages using morse code) and many more. Resources are fabulous!! Find out about training sessions and RAE challenges with prizes!

Solar Spark - Edinburgh University

Welcome to the world of solar energy! How do we use solar energy to save lives, clean water, power cars and create future fuel cells? Try these excellent activities to find out.

Sound Fantastic -Glasgow University PGDE students and Royal Academy of Engineering

Experience the world of sound -from measuring its speed to saving lives, sending secret messages and sound engineering. Decode the secret messages!

Sports Challenge - Heart of Midlothian F.C.

Enter the world of the olympians and sport. Take part in the sports challenge - Find out how to measure fitness and receive a free resource if you are fast!

Supercytes -Edinburgh University; Centre for Inflammation Research

This amazing workshop introduces you to our defences against infection and disease. Who are the key agents in our defences and what do they do?

Use this activity to create a resource set and take part in this incredible programme of activities.

Scientific Product Development and Marketing - Timstar UK &WF Education Group

What are the latest resources in science teaching regarding COVID 19? Find out about the up-to-date equipment and science resources for detecting the virus and its antibodies? Take part in designing a new science resource to help deal with COVID 19 in primaries and secondaries. Get creative!

Glasgow University Research Experience - Glasgow University

Find out about research at Glasgow University including Ultrasonics and Biofilms, the expertise, opportunities and future partnerships that can be developed with the University.

Travel into the Mind - Glasgow University

Find out about how we perceive the world, how does our mind work and what influences our perceptions. Take a journey into the mind.