Molecule Hunt

Introduction and instructions

See if you can FIND THE MOLECULES!

Welcome to the first “virtual” Molecule Hunt, created specifically for the Summer STEM Academy 2020. Molecule Hunts have evolved from an original concept developed by Dr Graeme Jones at the University of Keele under the title Makeitmolecular©.

Please use the information sheets below to find the molecules and complete the challenge

Information sheet 1 - Shop Lists

· In this workshop we have provided a list of shops which lists the names of shops in our ‘virtual’ village. You will find this information sheet, called ‘Shop Lists’ in this workshop folder.

· Beside each shop name you will find a brief description of the type of the business.

· We have identified an appropriate molecule for each business. The molecule relates to the type of business.

· Models of each of these molecules have been constructed using Molymod®.

Information sheet 2 – Molecule List

In this workshop you will also find a list of the molecules we have used for this workshop, called ‘Molecule List’ and a description of how they are used. There is a link from each molecule name to an image of the molecule model.

In order to help you, there are also links from each shop name to images of the molecule directly related to that business.

There are two images of each molecule. One is identical to the image found beside the molecule name. The other image is more challenging as it is an image of the same molecule but taken from a different angle.

Some of the challenging images are easy to identify as the molecule model simple or has a unique feature. Others may prove more difficult.

The Challenge Your task is to complete the submission form.

Write the name of the shop (associated with the molecule) beside the molecule name in the list.

You can use either the challenging set or the easy set, the answers are the same. You might like to try the challenging ones first and then try the easy ones if you find it too difficult.

Once completed correctly the initial letters of the shop names should spell out something significant. You can send a copy of your completed to us using social media or our email address

We hope you enjoy this exercise. If you would like more information on Molecule Hunts and how we have used them in association with events such as science festivals and also in modified forms in Primary and Secondary schools then please let us know.